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Almaty, Medeu District,
Begalina Str. 148/1А

Our team consists of the best teachers, for the best results.

To teach and educate a generation of children who are ready for the challenges of the future. And the key skill of a person of the future is the ability to learn continuously.

Viktoria Shestel

Head teacher

Sanagul Aizhan Berikovna

Head teacher for educational and methodical work

Prime School in numbers:


of the teachers

have the highest category


subjects are taught


in English by native speakers


times a year

the teaching staff improves qualification and passes certification

Prime School applies the open door policy

any student and parent can have a free talk to any school employee.



Primary school teachers

Our teachers work for the success of each Prime students. 100% of the teaching staff have the highest category, and 100% are certified specialists.



Psychologists and tutors of the school establish an open dialogue with students and parents based on trust and communication. Each of them has experience in understanding the needs of the students and determining an approach to solving individual problems.


Subject teachers

The teachers of major subjects, such as English, programming, economics, and many others, are highly qualified specialists in their fields. Children receive modern and applied knowledge in classes.


Primary School teacher
Teacher of the Kazakh language
English Teacher